Cabbing machine   SLB

made of sturdy stainless steel

fully equipped from    € 1876,50 / 1576,89

One base but the possibility to equip the machine shaft differently, anytime.
2 speeds ensure this.

Shape grinding, cabochon grinding

 e.g. with 4 SiC grinding wheels and a felt polishing wheel in 15 or 20cm Ø (SLB - 4 15/20) or picture above: With 6 diamond wheels in 15 or 20cm Ø, from coarse grinding to polishing, (SLB - 6 15/20). 

Furthermore, you can attach a flat plate to the side for flat grinding on diamond discs / sheets or silicon carbide (SiC) sandpaper. 

In addition, you can attach a cutting station with which you can cut your stones freehand. If you want to cut many and larger stones, we recommend our trim saw SNB-25 

Dimensions: BTH 59 x 56 x 33,5. Compact/ small yet spacious/ comfortable. We have deliberately kept the grinding machine compact so that it can also be used in a small space. If you want more space/distance between the grinding wheels, we can manufacture longer spacers for you. Convince yourself of the quietly running 0.3kW motor with safety switch and only 65db ! 

Ask for our SET offers for the grinding machine "SLB" with the various assembly options. 

We are happy to advise you.

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