Make your own tumbled stones! This can be done easily and conveniently with the red 

rock tumbler produced by us.

Rotary tumbler TRM-1A     with 1 rubber bowl*      € 209,00 / 175,63

Rotary tumbler TRM-2A     with 2 rubber bowls*     € 259,00 / 217,65

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Stone grinding made easy. This small, machine (just a little bigger than a shoebox), made of a sturdy steel housing, designed for continuous operation, just let it work for you day and night. Power consumption 32W. The rubber bowl makes no noise (52db) and has a wavy inside for faster results! Our enclosed instructions are like a little grinding course.

All you need is grinding and polishing powder and your collected stones or our rough stone mix. While you go about your work or sleep, everything rolls along.... The rough surfaces and edges are smoothed and rounded. Check briefly once a day and change the powder type after a few days. Use finer and finer abrasive powders until finally the polishing powder provides the beautiful shine. (Total duration, depending on the hardness of the stone, approx. 4 weeks). If you choose the TRM-2A, you can always grind in one drum and polish in the other. This way you will achieve faster results. Our bowls are white, so you can also work on materials that do not tolerate black abrasion (which can come from black bowls), such as metals.

grinding- and polishing powder 

It's 4x faster in our vibratory tumbler Spirator. Larger quantities can also be processed here. 

We will be happy to advise you - before and after the purchase.

This is the same machine housing. If you choose the TRM-1A, it is still possible to add a second bowl later. The space provided for the second bowl simply remains free here.