Our Spirator-3,5 and Spirator-9

Stone grinding by means of vibration is 4 x faster, compared to the rotary tumbler, with our popular vibratory tumblers

Spirator-3,5          € 450,00 / 378,15

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This vibratory tumbler is designed for working with stones, among other things, and is therefore suitable for heavy weights and continuous operation. (Stones have more weight than cartridge cases!) The Spirator "Spi-3,5"  works gently and without noise because we make the 3.5 Liter container out of rubber (this also makes it very durable and does not wear out as quickly as plastic, for example)!
The 3.5L container holds up to 4.5 kg of stones. The grinding track width measures +/- 100mm. The stones can be up to the size of a fist. The power consumption is as low (220/230 V), 0,055kW, as a lamp. Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 26cm.

Our enclosed instructions are like a little grinding course.
At our premises or at a trade fair, you can be amazed at how quiet our Spirator-3,5 is (65db when fully loaded with stones) and see how beautiful our customers' stones have become.

Would you like to polish even larger quantities of stones?

Spirator-9   for 10kg stones   

€ 1050,00 / 882,35      (illustration top right)

Grind even more tumbled stones? Our container-9 is a thick-walled container made of special plastic! 

Its grinding track width is 13cm, height 15cm, Ø 41cm. For polishing we recommend a separate container. 

If you order it directly with the machine, the special price is € 175,00 / 147,06. The normal price is € 196,00 / 164,71.

The Spirator can be used in many areas/ professions. For washing/ rinsing/ cleaning, deburring, grinding, matting, polishing, edge rounding, smoothing, descaling, coating, impregnating, mixing. Ball burnishing, powder coating, applying e.g. talcum powder to rubber parts, working on stones, amber, glass, ceramics, metal, coins, bullet casings, gun parts, jewellery, goldsmith's work, dental products.

* 50 years ago Carel Homberg invented the name Spirator for our vibrator. When we went online with our first website, the name was not common there for a long time. The name now appears frequently and is often used.

grinding- and polishing powder

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