Diamond Hand Pads

for grinding and polishing surfaces and slight curves (e.g. river pebbles / beach stones, stone slabs...). Dimensions: 9 x 5,5cm

grit  120   single sale    € 19,30 / 16,22
       in addition to the lower kit   € 16,80 / 14,12

grit  200, 400, 800, 1200/1500,  3000 (polishing)
       single sale    € 14,80 / 12,44

grit  200 - 3000      5pcs-KIT    € 64,00 / 53,78

Abrasive/ Polishing by hand kit

For grinding and polishing surfaces.
€ 18,50 / 15,55
It contains 4 abrasive powders and a polishing powder. A detailed instruction manual is included.

This set is also called starter set for our TRM and Spi-3.5. It is sufficient for about 2 complete passes. Our kg packages are sufficient for a long time. You only need 40g of powder per operation. This powder set can also be ordered in 1 kg packages or by kit, for different purposes.  

 grinding- and polishing powder
You can work comfortably with our rotary tumbler. Work even faster with our Spirator (vibratory tumbler).
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