Cordless industrial straight grinder IGS/A

€  198,00 / 166,39

For powerful work at low speeds!
For brushing, grinding, frosting, deburring and paint stripping. Smooth running planetary gear in die-cast aluminium housing. Key type drill chuck in industrial design for shafts from 0.5 to 6.5mm.  Gear head of die-cast aluminium. Main housing of glass-fibre reinforced POLYAMIDE with soft component in grip area.
With continuously variable speed control and special balanced DC motor: powerful, quiet and durable.

An additional handle for stable guidance of tool, lithium-ion battery Li/A2 and rapid battery charger LG/A2. Practical: The flat end cap of the battery enables upright positioning.

Technical data:   10.8V. 2.6Ah. 1,500 - 4,200/min. Length 290mm. Weight 970g (incl. battery).

 One battery charge allows for at least 30 minutes of use even at maximum power. No other cordless tool lasts longer in this class!

Lithium-ion battery Li/A2
For long and durable powerful operation. With integrated temperature control for safe operation.
Technical data:   Voltage 10.8V. Capacity 2.6Ah. Length 85mm. Weight 180g.

Rapid battery charger LG/A2
Charges the PROXXON lithium-ion battery Li/A2 in one hour. With integrated temperature control. LED signal light: Yellow = charging, Green = charged.  Technical data:   Input 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz. Output 12.6V, 2A.

Holder € 25,00 / 21,01.     Both hands are free for stone processing (pictured soon)

Rubber expander wheel small

with 6mm shaft/pin (pin length 40mm) 

45mm Ø x 30mm long
25mmØ x 25mm  long
15mm Ø x 30mm long

Matching quality diamond abrasive sleeves available in different grain sizes. Super quality, reasonable price. Ask for our price list.

HB Expander Wheels 200 x 75mm
€   88,00
/ 73,95

Our rubber expander wheels  for grinding and polishing belts. Large-area grinding. It adapts perfectly to the shape of the grinding objects.

Circumferential wheels, quality diamond wheels

200 Ø x 40mm           € 464,00 / 389,92

150 Ø x 40mm           € 425,00 / 357,14

in grain sizes D3 to D126

Plastic-bonded, aluminum core. 

Very durable, very thick wear layer, no adhesive joints, highly flexible. Various holes possible.

 Would you like to be highly satisfied with your diamond wheels? Then these wheels are just the thing. We would be happy to advise you on which grain size is the right investment for you.



Circumferential wheels, diamond Circumferential wheels, diamond

Quality faceting disc, resin bond

150 Ø  x  bore size 25 mm:
grinding track width 32,5mm    € 515,00 / 432,77
                                     40mm       € 545,00 / 457,98
175 Ø x bore size 25 mm:
grinding track width   40mm     € 575,00 / 483,19
                                      50mm     € 616,00 / 517,65

coating height 2mm, aluminium plate. Very durable. For faceting gemstones, glass, porcelain, etc.

Diamond powder
different grain sizes

25 carat pack € 17,00 / 14,29
From 3 packs € 16,00/pcs   13,45/pcs